KÄYTETTY Yamaha CVP-403 digitaalipiano. Aikansa hienoin ja suurin. Pianopenkki sisältyy hintaan.

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KÄYTETTY Yamaha CVP-403 digitaalipiano. Aikansa hienoin ja suurin. Pianopenkki sisältyy hintaan.

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KÄYTETTY Yamaha CVP-403 digitaalipiano. Aikansa hienoin ja suurin. Pianopenkki sisältyy hintaan

And now you can play sing and record it all on your brand new Yamaha CVP403

Not only is the CVP403 a great sounding Clavinova, the convenient Guide function provides lamps over the keyboard. These illuminate showing you which notes to play - great for beginners! With Follow the Lights' or Vocal Cuetime, your performance is beautifully embellished with professional arrangments. Whats more, you dont have to play in time because the recording waits for you

Yamaha have made making music even simpler. Your Yamaha CLP403 even records your music, including your voice to a USB Drive and then you can save the song to your Ipod, computer or even CD.

Yamaha CVP403 - Everything is in the lid

Market leader Yamaha have however pulled it off in the new models released at the recent Frankfurt Music Fair, in a remarkable example of lateral thinking and common sense - all controls and functions are elegantly built into the instrument lids! Visually it is a remarkable match of style, function and ergonomics whilst allowing the instrument to take up less space and offer a much more contemporary streamlined appearance.

Yamaha CVP403 Mahogany

Yamaha CVP403 Rosewood

Graded Piano Action

Yamaha has developed a unique weighting system which creates the sensation of the keys in the lowers register offering slightly more resistance than those in the higher register replicating the feel of the strings and mechanism of a traditional grand piano.

For beginners and professionals

For the first time pianist the Clavinova helpfully offers an easy to use guide lamp system which allows the player to follow the sheet music or on screen notation as lamps above each key light up indicating the correct notes. This superb and interactive function works with professionally orchestrated accompaniments making practice and performance exiting and fun.

Superb Voices

Yamaha have brought the same voice set to the CVP403 Clavinaova that recently led to the award-winning TYROS being voted the worlds best keyboard. Over 850 stunningly realistic voices including Yamahas unique Sweet, Cool, Live and Natural voices bring amazing reality to the players performance. As with music itself, the most subtle changes and nuances can make the most difference and this is true of the new CVP voice set: Sweet voices incorporate delicate changes in vibrato, tone and breath control whilst Cool and Natural voices capture the unique

Easy to read Screen

The new LCD display is designed to ensure the instrument is easy to use with all functions and operations easily accessible and instantly available Vocal harmony functions, registration memories and one touch settings further add to the unique performance characteristics of the new range.

characteristics of the selected instruments.

Yamaha CVP403 is a digital piano

The CVP403 is, first and foremost, a piano. Play it for yourself and youll discover the result of Yamaha's 100 years of experience in crafting acoustic pianos and over 20 years as the leader in digital pianos. And with new orchestral AWM-samples, an incredible range of accompanirnent styles, industry-leading keyboard response and Internet Direct Connection, the CVP403 gives outstanding performance for the professional and beginner alike.

Yamaha CVP403 Market Leader

Epitomising Yamahas legendary attention to detail and obsessive search for constant improvement the new range of Clavinova models also bring together Yamahas century deep experience in crafting world class acoustic pianos with its market leading digital music technology expertise. A favourite amongst music educationalists and chart topping musicians alike Yamaha looks set to further extend the companies leadership over its competitors with the introduction of the Yamaha CVP401, Yamaha CVP403, Yamaha CVP405, Yamaha CVP407 and Yamaha CVP409.

Yamaha CVP403 Digital Piano For the player seeking an entry-level digital piano complete with Yamahas 88-key graded hammer action keyboard, a great new stereo piano sample, and just a few thousand extra features.

Welcome to the digital part

When you bring a Clavinova into your home, you bring so much more than an acoustic piano has to offer. Of course, Yamahas Clavinovas offer all the touch response and beautifully rich, detailed piano sound you want. Plus a great deal more, including a full orchestra of superb quality digitally sampled instruments, and a whole host of advanced auto accompaniment features. Whats more, you get all the convenience of a digital instrument: no need for costly tuning, greater portability, and you can use headphones, so you can play any time you like without disturbing the family or your neighbors.

Yamaha CVP403Digital Piano

Yamaha CVP403 Polished Ebony

Yamaha CVP403 Polished Mahogany

Yamaha CVP403C

If youre going to study theres no place like home

The Clavinova features a truly extensive learning support Mk system including guide lamps over the keyboard. Right from day one, the kids-or even grandad can learn by playing real music instead of practice pieces, making it fun and enjoyable to study. Theres even a built-in recorder so you can record your performance an see how youre doing, and save it to floppy disk to build up a continuing progress report.

CVP403 - 16 Track Digital recording

Following customer research Yamaha found that more and more customers indicated the desire to compose their own music and create personalised arrangements and have therefore built in an easy to use yet highly sophisticated 16-track digital recorder. The on board disk drive allows compositions to be readily saved. A host of high tech features enhance the computer based facilities of the range, the addition of Smart Media, external storage via USB, Internet Direct Connection and the eagerly awaited Digital Music Notebook complete what is sure to be another high point in the development of these unique instruments.

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Yamaha CVP403 specification


TypeGraded Hammer 3 (GH3) Keyboard
Number of Keys88
Touch SensitivityYes


TypeFull Dot LCD
Size320 x 240 dots
Score DisplayYes
Lyrics DisplayYes


Number of Pedals3
FunctionsVolume, Sustain, Sostenuto, Soft, Glide, Song Play/Pause, Style Start/Stop, etc.
Half PedalYes


Tone Generation

Tone Generating TechnologyAWM Dynamic Stereo Sampling
Number of Dynamic Steps3
Stereo Sustain SamplesYes
Key-off SamplesYes


Number of Polyphony96


Number of Voices340 + 480 XG + 16 Drum/SFX Kits + GM2 (+ GS Voices for GS Song playback)
Featured Voices10 Mega Voice, 21 Natural! Voices, 13 Sweet! Voices, 18 Cool! Voices, 14 Live! Voice, 10 Organ Flutes!




Sound CreatorYes

Accompaniment Styles


Number of Preset Styles243
Featured Styles195 Pro Styles, 12 Session Styles, 36 Pianist Styles + MegaVoice Styles (used by preset styles)
SectionsIntro x 3, Main Variation x 4, Fill x 4, Break, Ending x 3
FingeringSingle Finger, Fingered, Fingered On Bass, Multi Finger, AI Fingered, Full Keyboard, AI Full Keyboard


Style CreatorYes

Other Features

One Touch Setting (OTS)4 for each Style
Music Finder/Music DatabaseYes



Number of Channels16
Song Data Capacity1.4MB (for all User Data (Song, Voice, Style, Registration))

Compatible Data Format

PlaybackSMF (Format 0 & 1), ESEQ, XF, Style File
RecordingSMF (Format 0)



Reverb34 Preset + 3 User
Chorus29 Preset + 3 User
Master EQ5 Preset + 2 User
Part EQ27 Parts



Accompany Style Related

Vocal Harmony60 Preset + 10 User



GuideFollow Lights, Any Key, Karao-Key, Vocal CueTIME
Guide LampYes
Performance Assistant Technology (PAT)Yes


DemonstrationFunction, Voice, Style

Registration Memory

Number of Buttons8, with Regist. Sequence/Freeze

Overall Controls

Tempo Range5 - 500, Tap Tempo
Scale Type9 types


Language for DisplayEnglish, Japanese, German, French, Spanish, Italian
Direct AccessYes
PIANO ButtonYes

Storage and Connectivity


Flash Memory (Internal)1.4MB
External DrivesOptional USB Flash Memory, USB Hard Disk Drive, etc. (via USB to DEVICE)


USBTo Host, To Device
Headphonesx 2
AUX PedalYes
AUX Audio In(L/L+R, R)
AUX Audio Out(L/L+R, R)
MicrophoneInput Volume, Mic./Line In


Music RestYes
Music ClipsYes
Headphones HangerYes

Bundled Software

OtherSheet Music Book

Amplifiers and Speakers

Amplifiers40W x 2
Speakers(16cm + 5cm) x 2


Key Cover

Key CoverFolding


Color/FinishDark Rosewood



<td id="valueTD">614mm (24-1/4")<td id="valueTD">1,432mm (56-1/2")
Height888m (35")


Weight73kg (160lbs., 15oz.)

10, 30 tai 240 minuuttia).


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